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Stay in control of your swim and keep a watchful eye on every movement with the Prologic C-Series Pro bite alarms. The alarms feature six different levels of sensitivity, alert tones, and volume levels (including silent), so you can customise them exactly to your personal preferences or the situation. This set includes a receiver and a wireless bivvy light. The C-Series Pro alarms will help you determine exactly what’s going on in double-quick time thanks to a smart system that helps differentiate between a bite and drop back. When there’s a bite the left colour LED will illuminate for 20 seconds, when there is a drop back the right white LED will illuminate. Drop backs also always feature the same low tone regardless of which other tones are selected to help you easily differentiate. An illuminated hanger or swinger can be fitted in the 2.5mm socket and the alarm’s separate night light is activated at the push of a button. The alarms are also weatherproof and feature a rubberised housing to ensure they stand the test of time.

• Rubberised housing
• Drop back differential by sound and light
• Adjustable volume, tone, and sensitivity
• Night light
• Alarms requires a 9V block battery (not included)
• Receiver requires three AAA 1.5V batteries (not included)
• Bivvy light is USB chargeable
• CE certified
• 2.5mm socket for illuminated hangers or swingers
• Receiver signals by light, sound, and vibration (optional)
• Up to 100m reach (depending on terrain)
• Weatherproof

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