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PrologicШифра: 4925

Size: 0.30mm
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SPECTRUM HDC (High Density Carbon) uses state of the art extrusion technology to create the first super soft, easy casting fluorocarbon mainline. Exhibiting the ultimate blend of fast sinking, low visibility and super high abrasion resistance with the manageability of a premium monofilament! Suitable for use in a wide range of carp angling circumstances, SPECTRUM HDC will cope with the most demanding of conditions while the low stretch and dense structure provides rapid bite indication and super sensitive response when feeling the lead down. For the best performance we recommend a 5 turn grinner knot for line to swivel/hook and Mahin knot for line to shock/snag leader.

• The world’s first pure fluorocarbon that performs like a premium mono!
• Specially formulated for ease of use and long casting
• Anti coil and anti frap - even with 40mm butt rings!
• Reliable knot strength
• Low stretch for tactile response
• Super fast sinking
• Special tint - blends into any aquatic environment
• Tight molecular structure provides incredible toughness and reliability

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