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All the latest technologies has been used to produce the RIVER SPECIAL MONO, the first monofilament in the market dedicated to this particular environment. Using an innovative extrusion process and different co-polymer (Twin build Co-polymer) combined together, we built this monofilament with a controlled stretch which help to fight strong river carp at short distance avoiding hook pull. The surface has been treated in two different steps to be extremely smooth and to obtain an unrivalled abrasion resistance. Thanks to this heavy duty usage properties the RIVER SPECIAL MONO is the perfect monofilament for any difficult situation when you have to deal with dangerous obstacles and big carps. The exclusive clear-green two tone camo color used make this monofilament almost impossible to find for the carp, but in the meantime it is clearly visible out of the water, allowing the angler to keep total control of the direction of the fish during the fight.

• Superb abrasion resistance
• Sinking
• Controlled Stretch
• Twin build Co-polymer
• Clear and green camo
• Heavy duty monofilament

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