Savage GearSKU: 9859

Size: 32x13cm
Sale price 800 ден




JIG ROLL-UP Keep your saltwater fishing gear tidy and organised with this range of roll-ups, jig wallets and jig bags, specifically designed for the rigours of saltwater. This range will keep your jigs protected and stop them from scratching each other even when rigged with assist hooks. While the jig bags and jig wallets feature a washable design – you can wash all jigs and the bag without removing them from the wallets, and then let them dry there too. Once dry, you can simply roll or fold the wallet or bag up and it’s ready for your next fishing trip. It couldn’t be easier.
• Splashproof
• Breathable mesh – allows the jigs and assist hook cords to dry
• Strong reinforced construction
• Long lasting Velcro straps
• Easy to wash the jigs and let them dry

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