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The 3D Octopus is based on a scan of a baby Octopus, the Body is lead alloy and the tentacles is made from super durable soft TPE. The lure has almost zero resistance in the water on the drop and will dart wide on slow jigging. On the pause the lure will hang in a realistic posture, and the tentacles will move at even the slightest current.

For the bigger sizes, 120, 185 and 300g, the lure has Adaptive tie-point bridge to ease retrieve from depth.

The Super Glow paint and skirt along with a built-in rattle chamber and bubble catch, the 3D Octopus hits every visual, auditory and sensory points that triggers feeding and aggression from predator fish. Built Tough with extra heavy-duty hardware, the 3D Octopus is designed to take on the most Savage predatory game fish on the ocean floor.

• Based on a 3D Scan of a Baby Octopus
• Built-in Steel rattle chamber, attracting fish from a distance
• Rail for sliding tie-point to easy retrieve from depth (3 biggest sizes)
• Bubble catch traps air and releases bubbles at depth
• Super Long-lasting glow effects on body and Tentacles
• Extremely durable TPE Tentacles
• Super Lifelike action and micro movement from tentacles
• Wide darting action on jigging
• Extra-heavy Hook to tackle the largest game fish
• Belly ring for assist hooks or blade add on

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