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Size: 0.43mm
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Improved version of our glorious and famous XLNT. Thanks to a new extrusion process and new Co-polymer (Twin build Co-polymer) we have increased the knot strength and reduced the memory, making the XLNT HP the perfect allround carp monofilament with amazing casting performance and perfect camouflage thanks to the new 4 tones camo pattern.

• Sinking
• Controlled Stretch
• Twin build Co-polymer
• 4 tone camo
• High abrasion resistance

1000m 8lbs 3.9kg 0.22mm Camo
1000m 10lbs 4.8kg 0.25mm Camo
1000m 12lbs 5.6kg 0.28mm Camo
1000m 14lbs 6.6kg 0.30mm Camo
1000m 16lbs 7.4kg 0.33mm Camo
1000m 18lbs 8.1kg 0.35mm Camo
1000m 20lbs 9.8kg 0.38mm Camo
1000m 24lbs 11.0kg 0.40mm Camo
1000m 30lbs 13.1kg 0.43mm Camo

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