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Size: 6
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Perfect for Spinner/Ronnie Rig style pop-up presentations or to dramatically improve hook rotation on stiff bottom-bait presentations. Supplied with short section of silicone tubing that slides over the hook eye to create an aggressive claw-like angle for instant hook rotation and improved hook holds. For stiff bottom-bait rigs, the 360° hook movement allows the bait to be approached from any direction resulting in the same devastatingly-effective hook hold. Supplied ready equipped with a ring swivel running through the eye of the hook, ensuring a much neater, streamlined presentation than a normal quick-change swivel offers. Simply tie a boom section to the large ring using your chosen hooklink material, attach a bait and you’re ready to start fishing!

• Integrated ring swivel
• New ultra long point
• Micro barb
• Shrink tube included
• Suitable for both pop-ups and bottom-bait presentations
• High quality Carbon Steel hooks for incredible sharpness
• Complete tangle-free 360° hook rotation
• Improved hook holds
• Extremely user and fish-friendly
• Available in 2 different hook patterns and 6 different sizes
• Supplied in packs of 5

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