ЏИГ НИДЛ СГ 15цм 40гр

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Доставата ќе биде пресметана при наплаќање.


The Needle Jig is the perfect metal imitation of a needlefish! The Long slim body will cast a mile and have very little resistance in the water. The geometric profile makes the lure shimmer and flash on the fall, sliding and rolling away from the retrieve line – sending out flash and vibration in a very erratic movement pattern. The Body has a built-in steel rattle, that sends out a loud click sound on jigging, attracting predator fish from distance.The Needle Jig has hybrid action and can used perfect for Vertical Jigging, Shore Jigging, Cast Jigging and Slow Jigging.

  • • 3D Scanned face details
  • • Long casting design
  • • Super Vivid action on the drop
  • • Very little resistance
  • • Built-in steel rattle
  • • Photo printed details
  • • Super Durable coating"