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Europe is crossed by big rivers all over, and more and more carp anglers are focusing on this type of environment that can offer true challenges with undiscovered waters containing big and wild carp. Here at Prologic we do have a vast experience on this specific style of carp fishing as many of us have been fishing in big European rivers for more than 10 years now, and because of that we’ve been able to develop a range of rods that can deal with any kind of situation, and furthermore they are the best river fishing carp rods available on the market, featuring unique details that will be immediately appreciated by all the specimen carp anglers. The action is perfect to fight strong fish at medium short range, as is usually the case in river fishing and to cast heavy leads. Handle length is more compact for ease of use and utilises oversized guides to prevent clogging by weed and debris carried by the current. FAST WATER rods are available in three versions, 9’6” 3.5lbs which is perfect for boat fishing and to fish from extremely tight swims, and two versions to suit any possible situation when fishing from the shore : 12’ 3.5lbs and 12’6” 4.0lbs.

• Available in 9’6” 3.5lbs, 12’ft 3.5lbs, 12’6”ft 4.0lbs
• 40T High Modulus Carbon Blank
• Full 3K Carbon reinforcement in stress point
• Heavy Duty SIC guides
• Parabolic Progressive Action
• Reinforced Guide Wrapping


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293cm 3.5lbs 2 149cm 278g
360cm 3.5lbs 2 188cm 386g